We put a lot of effort

into this “user guide”

to make your stay at Platan

easier and more beautiful.

That is why we are asking you to read it.



















Dear plane tree people,

we believe you are in love, because otherwise we see no other reason to visit this place. 🙂

 What is the most beautiful word in the world? Probably the one which boasts in rose at the entrance to Platan. Those who share our opinion should leave a mark on one of our “love totems”. We truly believe that these tracks have auras that are eternal. Once spoken, “I love you” can never be extinguished, regardless of whether we say it again.

In the central part of Platan there is a red bicycle that looks at the never-enough-told story about the most beautiful word in the world. And your task is to find the Museum of Love somewhere on Platan. 🙂 

How long does love last? Why does it last so long for some people and disappear for others? Why does the person we loved strongly no longer awaken that passion in us? Is it our fault or the other’s? Scientists say that the hormone oxytocin is responsible for the state of being in love. So we have to do something for oxytocin to survive. It is interesting that when we are in love we do not lie to the one we love. When we start lying, it is a sign that oxytocin is disappearing from our body.

Why do we fall in love with only one specific person, why can’t we love several people at the same time? You have probably asked yourself at least once, looking at a couple, how she can be with him or how he can be with her. She is better or he is better than her. This is because love knows no such kind of valuation. Love doesn’t know about beautiful or ugly, that’s why love is an eternal mystery.

Scientists claim that the state of being in love lasts up to three years, they explain this by the time needed to bear child and for it to grow strong enough. On the other hand, in a state of love we are vulnerable, often silly in our actions and often not capable to work. That’s why the state of being in love is not good to last forever, we wouldn’t survive. But love, which was born from infatuation, can be preserved for a very long time. We should always keep in mind the words of the old sages who tell us that to love is the only way to know God.

Regardless of everything that can happen to us in life, what is surely the most valuable is to experience love at least once.

As I finish writing these lines, inspired by our dear guests in love, another wonderful thought about love comes to my mind.

When someone tells you they love you, it means you have become immortal.

Our dear guests, welcome!

In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, we would like to share some information with you. You are in a national park where a special regime applies to the relationship between man and nature. That is why we protect this natural amphitheater with all our strength and love. Here, the urban elements of accommodation have been reduced to minimum, in accordance with our basic motive when building Platan, which for years was a neglected thicket hidden from human eyes. We dedicated the rest of our lives to this “Epidaurus” of ours. That is why we wish with all our hearts for you not to regret embarking on this adventure. 🙂

This User guide of Platan is our little “Bible”, so please read it. Otherwise, you will not experience Platan to the fullest. We tried to be as concise and clear as possible, in short, not to be boring. 🙂

At the 51st International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, we received recognition for our successful work and the Gold Medal for Innovation in Tourism (whatever that means), however your kind words and praise mean more to us. We save and bind your letters. A couple of such books of original manuscripts are located next to the television (new ones are being prepared). It is the most wonderful recognition for our efforts. And please, if you had a nice time with us, tell your friends because it’s the type of advertising we care about the most. And if you didn’t like it, tell us, we will certainly improve everything that can be improved.

Throughout all these years we have been visited by “well-known” and “unknown” people, but we are sure of one thing and we ascertain that everyone who comes here is SPECIAL. Look outside in our window-mirror and you will understand what we are talking about.

For everything you need, contact us without hesitation at any time.

It will be our pleasure to do everything to make your stay at Platan unforgettably beautiful.

Yours Vesna and Dragan

063 580 201 and 065 2466 970


 Do you wish to have a little recreation? If so, then hit the plane tree trails. You will come across courts for badminton, table tennis, basketball, bocce, frisbee golf… The barbecue is also there, but that is not part of the recreation! 🙂

BADMINTON. Rackets and balls are on our terrace in a wonderful brown “wooden” box. The rules for playing real badminton are written on a yellow board right next to the court.

TABLE TENNIS. You know everything for sure, the equipment is in that wonderful box on our terrace.

ELECTRONIC DARTS, BASKETBALL, FOOSBALL AND BOCCA are located under the apartments. Bocce balls are in the cottage next to the field and there is also a yellow board with the rules of the game. You will get foosball balls by pulling the lever on the side of the table. The basketball and electronic dartboard equipment are, you guessed it, in a lovely chest on our terrace. Next to electronic darts, Živko (the nerve test) is waiting for you.

FRISBEE GOLF. Great game. The starting point is at the seesaw with little wooden men, and next to it is a yellow board with the rules of the game. Frisbee is located next to the field. And we beg you to try Frisbee Golf, we were overcharged by the craftsmen for building! 🙂

A WALK. Type in Google maps: “Vrdnik stairs” with ? stairs, “Miličin Izvor” with miraculous water, “Beli Majdan” cave, “Vrdnik Tower” from the 2nd century and right next to it a building from the 21st century, “Izvorište Jazak” with mineral water, “Čudesna šuma mahovine”, “Jezero Bešenovo”, and for a walk in our Hidden Grove, look for the secret door near the badminton, then go right as far as your legs take you.

MOUNTAIN RIDING. See the website. Book an appointment and say you are our guests, you will get a discount. Distance 14 km.

PETTING THE CAT. No charge 🙂

TOUR OF THE MONASTERIES. Ask Vesna anything you are interested in, she will be happy to help you visit the most beautiful monasteries on Fruška Gora in the shortest possible time.

IN THE COTTAGE – Board games. If you have successfully completed recreation and like board games, you will find them in the large wooden box in the fireplace room: Dominoes, Cards, Yahtzee, Four in a Row and Ludo. Please mind these games and return to where you found them. 🙂

SHE DISASSEMBLES, HE ASSEMBLES. The task is for HER to disassemble and HIM to assemble a metal puzzle (without force) which is somewhere on the message board. If you found the puzzle disassembled, it means that the previous pair did not manage. Either way, the goal is to leave the puzzle complete for the next pair with a nice message of encouragement that you leave on top of the block. 🙂 The goal is to leave everything as you found it.

You have already understood:we did our best to shake things up a bit.

NOTE: It is not allowed not to try anything of the offered.


MILICA’S STREAM. The first time we came to Vrdnik, we visited the Ravanica monastery and the monument of Milica Stojadinović, the first Serbian poetess. We looked at the bust and admired the beauty of this woman. We wondered how someone who was born way back in 1828 could be so beautiful. We dedicated to her a small corner of our Platan with a small stream that Milica made magical in her song, and we embraced these verses as a guide to the soul to this beautiful place.

Silence everywhere, only a stream

Rustling through the grass,

Under the dark shadows of the wood

Speaks with rustling leaves.

WIGWAM. Coming to Platan without revealing your Indian name or taking a life message that you must adhere to is a sin. If you decide to look for the Wigwam, don’t forget to leave your mark there too.

JAKOV’S WISHING WELL. At the entrance to the lower part of Platan, there is a genuine well. It has always been there. When we came to Platan, it was overgrown with grass and bushes, so we almost ran into it. Fortunately, it is not deep, only three meters, but it is always full of water. Always, even when there are mighty droughts. And right by that well, which we have renovated a little in the meantime, we wished to continue our lives here.  And our wish came true. 🙂 Try making a wish, we believe that this well fulfills them.

ISIDORA’S WELL. One day we wished we had an even deeper and bigger well in addition to this old one. We dug for a long time, much deeper than this native one. And nothing. There is no water, and when there is no water, wishes are not fulfilled either. A useless hole of ten meters gapes. However, this new well hides a romantic secret. If you approach it very quietly and very close, it will be revealed to you.

TWO TOTEMS. You will easily recognize them, they are decorated with a big red heart. Walk the path of love initials, they radiate. When you find the totem, there is a tool on the back with which you can if you wish (we do) to carve your names. Well, cut them in!J

CRVENI BICIKL. RED BICYCLE. After watching you for years as you love each other, spend your honeymoons, organize engagements with Vesna and simply enjoy your youth, we had to dedicate to you this Corner which represents you.

SEESAWS. Try to decipher the messages!? It is not difficult

HYPERBARIC BENCHES. If you get tired, benches that we affectionately call “ozone boxes” will welcome you every twenty meters.

RECOMMEND A BOOK. It is located between two mirrored windows.

CHURCH OF SAINT PETKA. It is the work of my own hands, you must visit it.

SRDJAN’S BENCH. Find it and sit, you will feel beautiful.



For the internet, you need to choose Platan from the options offered. No authorization is required. The network is free.


We have selected for you the 70 best romances and romantic comedies of all time. Vivax, click on source and select media. Vox, under the OK button, press the second button (multimedia symbols) in the second row.


If there is a receiver under the TV, simply turn it on. The TV program is limited to a digital package of ten channels. We do not recommend watching TV programs at Platan.


FM radio Platan is our radio station whose signal covers all cottages. You have to admit that there are few places that have their own radio station without a single word or advertisement. We have tried to broadcast only good music, at least we hope so. The signal is emitted at 108Mz, which is probably already set on the radio receiver. Do not change the station. 🙂

NOTE: The radio receiver in the fireplace room cannot be moved.


You have already noticed that your fireplace is functional and ready for using, if you also drink a glass of wine from your table, you should not be cold. 🙂

If the fire in your fireplace is not lit, take three or four pieces of “hepo” cubes and a match that is in a small box next to the fireplace hearth. Place the “hepo” cubes under the small pieces of wood and light the match. Immediately close the glass door and open the “valve” (small openings under the firebox, latch with a ball). The fire will soon flare up.

When the fire has subsided, add one log and place it as far away from the glass as possible. If you put too much wood in the fireplace (three), the following will happen: the glass will get smoky, you will overheat the attic, and it is not very “healthy” for the fireplace to get hot because the wood lining of the fireplace can catch fire (from the manufacturer’s instructions). If the fire is not extinguished before you leave, don’t worry, nothing will happen.

When you reach a comfortable temperature, close the air inlet valve (ball under the fireplace door).

When you go to sleep or go for a walk, put a large log on the embers and close the stove (air supply), it is obligatory. There is a high probability that you will find embers and a warm fireplace again. Then just add a few small pieces of wood and a log, and start all over again, until you get bored. But you won’t get bored, no one has yet. 🙂

Small firewood is in a beautiful wooden box next to the fireplace, which we made just for you. JBut those small pieces of wood are intended exclusively for kindling, keep them safe because they are not intended for heating. You only need a few pieces. Place the log on the kindling, then insert the hepo cubes underneath and light the match. 🙂 Note: Do not throw logs into the fireplace, lay them down and you won’t get burned.

If the fire is completely extinguished, move the ashes to the side of the fireplace or, if there are too many, put them in the metal bucket located on the stairs under the 5th and 6th log cabin. There is also a spatula and a larger bucket for storing ashes. You will recognize the buckets because they are decorated with wrought iron. Never take wood that is not completely burnt out of the fireplace!!! Think about safety.

If all of this is too complicated for you, call us to stoke together. What! You will manage? OK! 🙂

NOTE: If you do overheat the room, please never extinguish the fire with water or throw burnt wood outside. Close the valve (air supply) and turn on the ventilation. Once again, we warn you not to put more than two logs in the fireplace. Never keep the fireplace door open. Never take the wood out of the fireplace, even if it seems to be extinguished!!!

Well, if you have read all this, congratulations, you are going to bi safe and  sound! 🙂


We don’t have air conditioning because we think this invention of ours is better and healthier. On the wooden beam above the radio is a white switch for natural ventilation. The same switch is located next to the headboard in the attic. When you press the switch, the green light in the attic will turn on, which is a sign that the ventilation is activated.

NOTE 1: Never leave the ventilation on for longer than 15-20 minutes, which is enough to change the volume of air in the cottage three times with fresh air.

NOTE 2: If you want to ventilate only the upper part of the cottage, open the attic window slightly at the upper angle. If you want to ventilate the whole cottage, then open the window in the fireplace room slightly at the upper angle.

NOTE 3: In the summer, use ventilation only in the evening hours. In winter, use it as needed, especially when you smoke.


In the cottage you have two wardrobes for storing your luggage. Feel free to use them. You will have more space for yourself.


Don’t worry, it happens. We do not charge for any damages. We have never done that in the past 15 years. That’s why we ask you to report any malfunction to us so that we can fix it in time.


As you may have noticed this is a variant of glamping accommodation, where wood is the main material. It has good and bad sides. Therefore, please pay attention to some small details that mean life (to this cottage):

  • when opening a wooden window, unfasten the metal fasteners at the bottom and top of the window,
  • always pull the handle up after closing the door,
  • there is a lot of dry wood around you, be careful with power cables,
  • open the fireplace door slowly, it will smoke less or not at all,
  • always keep in mind that you have come to nature, to the forest
  • don’t report to us stink bugs, squirrels, cobwebs, cats, tree remains…that’s part of the natural folklore here. 🙂

If you already knew all of the above, sorry for reading this chapter.


Please if you have any technical problem or with anything else call me anytime.

Your host Dragan, 0652466970 ????


So far, over 25,000 guests have visited Platan. After so much time spent together, you said and wrote a lot of nice things about us, but we said nothing about you.

We have to correct that.

The first thing that comes to our mind is your smiles. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a smiling face. You are not only smiling, but you are also very kind, unobtrusive and pleasant. And not only that, you are always there when we need something. For example, when our cat Pantelija was not well, you took him to the vet a couple of times. We are also grateful that you feed the others, namely your cats. And you move us every time we see how you caress our pets.

As far as cleanliness and tidiness are concerned, you are to be praised. We have never seen a piece of paper thrown in the yard, so our Platan is always tidy. Not to mention the cottages. After your departure, we don’t have to clean nearly anything. The beautiful and warm interior of the cottages is also your merit, because we accepted and realized all your suggestions. However we need to point out how skillfully you handle the fireplace, lighting the fire, disposing of the ashes and rationally using our wood.

We love when we see you in the morning, well rested, cheerful and ready for a walk. Your positive energy makes this place really special. We are fascinated by the number of young visitors, so you rejuvenate us. When we see you walking around hugging each other, we hug each other too. 🙂

We enjoy seeing how beautiful you are. How you dress nicely and how you talk nicely. We love that you are cultured and that you love nature. We love it when you come with the kids and have fun with them.

We love you for enriching this place with your presence. We love you because you don’t forget us. It’s wonderful when you come and tell us, this is the baby we had in the meantime. Simply, we love you because with your presence you make this place special and us happy. 🙂


Our dear guests,

Although we consider the word-of-mouth reviews that you share with your friends and acquaintances to be the only authoritative ones, we cannot ignore the existence of the virtual world of the Internet.

We are not complaining, we have extremely high ratings on the internet with great comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. We rejoice at your kind words. But when someone calls us and says, my friends recommended you, we simply melt.

But we also get comments like this, we read wonderful reviews about you on the Internet.

If you had a nice time at Platan, write it somewhere and imagine our faces when we read it. Give us a smile if we deserve it. 🙂

Well, then rate us: 🙂



(Loyalty program)

PRICES per person per night – without food RSD
Staying longer than one night – per person per night 3,950
Just one night per person 4,950
Just one person in lodge – per night 6,900
Third person and children – one time 1,500

Staying starts at 14.00 and ends at 12:00 hours on departure day.

Local tax is included in the price of accommodation.

Homecraft accommodation

Veselka Kekić

Fruska gora


Univerexport – near the traffic lights – 1 km

Mala radnja –near the traffic lights – 1 km

Market – near the monastery (open until 10 a.m) – 1 km

Butcher – – near the monastery – 1 km

Pizzeria – 1km 022466046


Vesna – for everything 🙂 – 60 m

063 580 201

and if Vesna isn’t available 065 2466970

Hotel Termal – indoor pool, sauna, massage… – about 800m.

022 465 819, 069 755 727

Fruškogorski jelen – food – 800 m

064 6484664

Wine house Kovačević –food, wine – about 10 km

022 463 137

Winery Mačkov podrum – good wine – 8 km


Stari orah – food about 1 km

062 466 233

Taxi to Belgrade – Milenko

063 1044244

Taxi to Novi Sad – Milenko

063 502 851

Medical center Vrdnik –1 km

022 465 283

Monastery Ravanica, Vrdnik –1 km

022 465 111

Cat – purring services – no charge 🙂

+381 mac, mac, mac :)) or if you are not in the mood for purring, pis, pis…



Dear guests,

Do you want to play a game that is not played anywhere in the world except at Platan? You may wonder why this game is not played anywhere in the world! Well, because we invented it. It’s called Photocache or Photo search.

To play this game you need a mobile phone with the Viber application installed.

If you agree to play Photocash, send us a “camera” icon-sticker or similar via Viber,

to the number: 065 2466 970. Ohhh, congratulations, you’ve sent it! In that case, read on.

Soon you will receive 10 photo details from Platan. The details are exclusively located in the yard near the walking paths and sports fields. Your task is to find them, take a close-up photo with you and your finger pointing to the found detail. Send us photos as proof. But that’s not all, you need to send us your few task details for the next photocacher. If you complete and solve all the tasks, you will receive a PRIZE. It is preferable to play Fotocache in pairs.

Good luck photocachers and have fun!